White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly

White House Ruin   Copyright © 2006 John D. Clark

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The White House is perhaps the best known Anasazi ruin in Canyon de Chelly. Its name comes from the white plaster covered walls that are found in the upper level of the ruin which is nestled on a ledge dwarfed by the massive de Chelly sandstone. A second set of ruins is found at the base of the cliff. The lower set of ruins on the canyon floor is one of the earliest in the canyon. A five-story tower originally existed in the lower ruin, but had collapsed, isolating the higher ledge ruins. The lower ruins were repeatedly damaged by seasonal flooding of the Rio de Chelly. In the 1920s, the U.S. Park Service diverted the wash channel, and archeologists stabilized the lower ruins.


© 2006 John D. Clark
Updated 12/28/2006