Sunrise Tree, Canyon de Chelly

Sunrise Tree   Copyright © 2006 John D. Clark

Print #06-74

Long, long ago when First Woman the Goddess was created, she became fully grown in four days. It seemed that every "Dineh" (Navajo) Indian tribesman wanted her for his wife. Although the most handsome was the Sun-God, she thought he could never be her husband. To her surprise, one day Sun-God came up behind her and gently tickled her neck with a feathery plume. She was engulfed with warm sunshine, and in a magical way the Goddess became the wife of Sun-God. He fathered her firstborn, a son. Not long thereafter, the Goddess was resting beneath an overhanging cliff when some drops of water fell upon her. Soon the Goddess gave birth to a second son, fathered by the Water-God. Because the two boys were so close in age, they became known as the Twins of the Goddess.


© 2006 John D. Clark
Updated 12/28/2006