Ordering a print

The prices for my photographs are:

Image size Price
8x10 $400
11x14 $600
16x20 $1200
20x24 $1600

Most photographs are available in all sizes -- some are available only in 8x10 either because the negative itself is 8x10 and the photograph is made as a contact print, and some I don't think a larger size makes it better. I can occasionally be convinced otherwise, however. The prices are also discounted for multiple print orders.

The photographs are selenium-toned gelatin silver prints, washed to archival standards.

I mount the prints on the following size 4-ply archival mat boards with an attached overlay mat of the same archival mat board:

Image size Mat size
8x10 14x17 or 16x20
11x14 16x20
16x20 22x28
20x24 30x36
although I can certainly accommodate other sizes if desired.

If you want to buy a print, contact me via email or give me a phone call. I don't ask for payment up front for a print, but request payment when the print is ready to ship. I can take payments by PayPal, check or money order.


© 2008 John D. Clark
Updated 7/14/08